Our Services

1). Building Lifting

  SKSS Engineering Works, we offer the best house lifting services in India using advanced Jacks technology at a very affordable cost. Our services include affordable house lifting, affordable house relocating, affordable building lifting, and affordable temple lifting, all with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and zero risk. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your home is lifted safely and securely, providing you with peace of mind. If you’re in need of reliable and professional house lifting services, look no further than SKSS Engineering Works. Building Lifting services With Jacks.  

2). Building Shifting


Building relocation is the process of moving a structure from its original location to a new site. It's been practiced for centuries and is sometimes used as a last resort to preserve buildings that are threatened with demolition or destruction

  There are two main ways to move a building:

1. Disassemble and reassemble

2. Transport whole  

  To transport a building whole, it's first raised and then pushed on temporary rails or dollies

1. Building relocation involves:

2. Surveying the structure

3. Calculating loads

4. Analyzing soils at the new site and on the tracks

5. Jacking

6. Measuring strain  

3). Lifting And Strengthening The Beam

  Beams are structural elements that transfer loads from the slab to columns. They are typically horizontal members that carry walls and avoid loading a concrete slab. Beams also reinforce columns, which results in less bending in the columns

    Beams may need to be strengthened for a number of reasons,                  including:

1). Degradation of material characteristics over time

2). Wrong design

3). Increased load capacity on the building

4). To increase flexural strength, shear strength, fatigue life, seismic                resistance, and impact and blast resistance 

   Some methods for strengthening concrete structures include:

1).Adding or replacing embedded or external reinforcing steel bars

2). Installing bonded rebars

3). Plate bonding

4). Adding mortar or concrete

5). Injecting cracks or voids

6). Filling cracks or voids

7). Prestressing

  Here's some information about lifting a building:

1). Place layers of wooden planks between girders and beams

2). Cut columns from the foundation

3). Lift the house, raising each check by the same height at the same             time

4). Remove jacks and do parallel brick masonry to support the lifting of         the building

5). Construct new foundations

6). Connect the elevated house with the foundation with new columns           and walls

7). Back fill soil along the periphery of the house  

4). Column Jacketing Services For Extra Strength

  Jacketing has several advantages, including:

1). work: Foundation strengthening is Increased.

2). Increased shear strength: The column's shear strength increases.

3). Increased confinement: Concrete confinement increases in circular             columns.

4). Weight: The column's weight doesn't increase significantly.

5). Construction time: Construction time is saved. 

Jacketing is widely used in engineering practice to retrofit existing weak    members. It can also increase the durability of existing components.  

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